STL Injury Lawyer: Surgery Day Matters

According to British researchers, people who have surgery towards the end of the week are more likely to die than those who have procedures earlier on. A rather shocking report in the British Medical Journal suggests that while the overall risk of death from planned procedures is relatively low, there is an “unacceptable” variation in survival rates throughout the week.

Of course, the government says it is committed to safe care for all patients at all times, but these numbers are startling. In looking at around 4 million operations, the researchers found  around 27,000 deaths total within a months time. The vast majority of these deaths occurred later in the week.

Obviously, the researchers are concerned about the significant variation present throughout the week, as the lowest risk for death is on Monday, and increases on each subsequent day until it peaks at the weekend. Accordingly, the journal shows that individuals who have their operations on Friday are 44% more likely to die than an individual who has a procedure done on Monday.

According to the research, there may be a poor quality of aftercare available on the weekend, when individuals who had a surgery later in the week actually need the care. According to the researchers, the first 48 hours after the surgery is most critical, and requires proper staff to avoid bleeding, infections, and other post-surgery mishaps.

Similarly, the risk of dying was even higher if a surgery was conducted over the weekend. This poses an 82% higher chance of death than a Monday surgery. Although this is one of the first studies to look at planned operations, from high-risk bypasses to routine hernia repairs, it still shows some disappointing results. Obviously, something needs to be done so that individuals can receive the same high standard of care every day of the week.

If you have been in a Missouri car crash, where you were seriously injured, the above information may be startling to you. Have you suffered from a post-crash disc injury, neck injury, or traumatic brain injury that required surgery? As stated in the research above, these surgeries pose dangerous risks, and are extremely costly. If you had to undergo a surgery or were victim to a serious injury because of another driver, you should review your options for reimbursement and compensation with a Missouri personal injury attorney. We will review the details of your case and discuss your legal rights and options, all for free. Give us a call today at 314.409.7060 or 855.40.CRASH.

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