Teaching Teen Drivers

Are you teaching a teen driver the rules of Missouri roadways? I’m sure your teen has been busy dreaming about their first solo road trip, but don’t forget to teach them that driving is both a great privledge and responsibility. In Missouri, to earn full driving privileges, teen’s must complete all requirements in the graduated licensing system. This system requires that teenage drivers pass a series of tests, demonstrating that they have the knowledge and practical experience necessary to drive safely.

Instruction From Behind the Wheel
Missouri teenagers with instruction permits can recieve their intermediate license after completing 40 hours of behind-the-wheel guidance. (Ten of those hours must be logged at night). Ther person providing the instruction must sign a verificantion form before the teenager is granted his or her intermediate license. Instruction can be provided by a parent, legal guardian, grand parent, or certifed driving instructor. Most local schools provide driver training programs, and private instructors can be found online.

Important Skills for Teen Drivers

The following skills must be mastered before a teen can recieve full driving privileges:

Defensive driving
Adjusting to changes in traffic
Adjusting to changes in condition

In addition, teens need to show their ability to drive in adverse weather, on different types of terrain, and to share the road with motorcycles, cyclists, trucks, and pedestrians. Most driving training programs focus solely on these skills.

Keeping a Safe Driving Record

The graduated licensing system instituted in Missouri requires that teens have clean driving records in order to achieve full driving privileges. They can be denied an intermediate license if they have traffic violations or alchol-related convictions. Similarly, if their intermediate licesne is suspended, they may not apply for the under-21 full driver’s license.

Refusal of Driving By Parent or Guardian

Missouri law states that a parent or legal guardian may request the Missouri Department of Revenue’s Driver Licensing Division to deny a teen’s driving privileges. If they believe the teen cannnot safely operate a motor vehicle, this action remains current until the teenager turns or 18 or until the guardian withdraws the request.

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