Top Ten Personal Injury Questions Client’s Ask

As a personal injury attorney, I am asked many questions throughout handling a client’s injury case. Common questions and concerns from injured parties consistently arise. To provide education on common topics following a personal injury, I have compiled a list of the top ten questions asked by my clients who have suffered an injury. In contrast, I have also compiled a list of the top ten questions I think an injured party should ask their attorney following an injury. The next 20 posts on the site will be an educational response to each question below. I am always available if anyone has a specific question about the posts (314.409.7060).

Top 10 Questions Injury Clients Ask
1. How much does it cost to retain a personal injury lawyer?
2. How long does this process usually take?
3. What happens if I do not have health insurance?
4. Will my credit be affected by my outstanding medical bills?
5. Does the person who injured me have to pay for my lost wages?
6. How do I get a copy of the police report?
7. How much is my case worth?
8. Do I have to go trial?
9. What is the process we have to go through?
10. How does settlement work if my child was injured?

Top 10 Questions Injury Clients Should Ask
1. Do I even need a personal injury attorney?
2. Please provide me with an overview of the process from start to finish?
3. What should I do to ensure I do not hurt my case?
4. What type of communication policy do you have with your clients?
5. What out of pocket expenses should I keep track of?
6. What should I do if I am contacted by an insurance company?
7. What should I do if I am contacted by a private investigator?
8. How do I seek treatment for my injuries if I am unable to pay for the doctor’s visit?
9. What if my injuries prevent me from working altogether?
10. What happens if the insurance company says that I share fault for causing the crash?

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