Victory Cross Country Motorcycle Recall

Polaris Industries Incorporated is currently recalling various 2011 Victory Cross Country Motorcycles.  These vehicles, manufactured from January, 1 through Aprill 11, 2011 are being recalled due to incorrectly machined handlebar clamps and risers.  The faulty clamps and risers could cause the handlebars to slip in the clamps, forcing the operator to lose control and therefore increase the risk of a vehicle accident.

There are potentially close to one thousand vehicles affected by this defect.  To have your Victory Cross Country Motorcycle tested or to have your defective clamp or riser replaced, call Victory at 1.888.704.5290.

Faulty products, such as those that affect motor vehicles, can be extremely dangerous as they significantly increase the risk of experiencing a motorcycle accident.  If you or someone you know has sustained an injury from a defective product, please contact a Missouri products liability lawyer who can help you figure out what actions to take in filing a claim.  Experienced attorney Christopher Dixon is available to educate individuals on the injury claim process.  Contact him today at 314.409.7060.

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