Winter Safety and Automobile Accidents

St. Louis has recently received a break in the extreme winter weather plaguing the area. While parts of Missouri received 10-20 inches of snow today, the greater parts of St. Louis County and St. Louis City dodged the brunt of the predicted storm. Even without substantial snowfall accumulation, St. Louis is currently blanketed with a think cover of ice from persistent sleet throughout the day. As a result of St. Louis County and St. Louis City avoiding a large snowfall, workers will likely return to work tomorrow despite the treacherous roads.

Despite a substantial effort by the Missouri Department of Transportation, Missouri roadways still remain caked with sheets of ice. Plunging overnight temperatures demand the highest level of attention throughout your morning commute. The following Missouri Department of Transportation link directs users to an interactive map of Missouri roadway conditions: With the closure of large highways such as Interstate I-70, morning drivers are advised to check travel routes to ensure roadways are fit for use. If travel is required tomorrow, KSDK has posted a Winter storm safety checklist which provides useful information for the motoring public:

Small acts of inattention are amplified with the current icy roadway conditions. What may have been a simple directional correction under dry roadway conditions, may jolt your vehicle into an uncontrollable slide if the same maneuvers are attempted in winter conditions. Everyone is familiar with that nervous feeling in the pit of your stomach when your automobile begins to slide and is no longer under your control. Devastating serious injuries and deaths occur from these unassuming beginnings. Missouri drivers should be aware that by electing to operate an automobile on a Missouri roadway, snowy or dry, you are assuming full responsibility for all harms and loses caused by your negligent driving.

In order to prevent motor vehicle accidents on the icy roads, the best advise is to refrain from driving. If the realities of life mandate travel, it is best to give the Missouri Department of Transportation and local snow removal efforts as much time as possible to re clear the roadways from the overnight freeze. In addition to a late departure, provide sufficient travel time to ensure you are not rushed. A hurried approach to driving will have devastating effects under the current Missouri road conditions.

Icy conditions often lead to devastating auto accidents. Auto accidents which occur on icy roadways need to be investigated immediately to preserve your personal injury case. Icy roadways prevent skid marks from appearing on pavement, as well as cause vehicles to slide away from the impact scene after the crash. This makes investigation of the events which caused the motor vehicle crash heavily dependent on driver and witness testimony. It is crucial that an investigation is set into motion immediately following a Missouri motor vehicle crash on icy roadways. Large insurance corporations will immediately investigate the matter and use any information possible in an attempt to deny a legitimate injury claim. It is crucial you have someone gathering evidence on your behalf to counter the tactics of national insurance corporations. If you are in need of a Missouri car accident lawyer for personal injuries, call injury lawyer Christopher Dixon for a free case consultation at 1.314.409.7060, or toll-free at 855.402.7274. We look forward to protecting your case.

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