Worst Kind of Drunk Drivers

They Are Out There – Drunken Drivers Prowling the Nation’s Roadways

Every day and night, they are out there, driving under the influence of alcohol and pushing two or three tons of metal on the nation’s roadways. There are millions of them out there, risking the lives of other people. Drunk drivers are not just tragic annoyances with a weakness for alcohol; they often become murderers. Many never get caught, and they continue driving under the influence of alcohol. As bad as it is to drive drunk, the worst kind of driver is the repeat offender.

Fines get issued, arrests are made and drivers get convicted, but nothing seems to stop these serial drunk drivers. A survey found that on average, an intoxicated driver can drive about eighty times under the influence before a first arrest. Vehicle accidents are the leading cause of death for teenagers, and it is found that more than a third of these accidents involved alcohol. Almost seventy percent of the drivers who have had their licenses revoked due to being behind the steering wheel under the influence of alcohol simply continue to drive without a license.

The offense for driving a vehicle under the influence of alcohol is called DUI, which means driving under the influence; DWI stands for driving while intoxicated or impaired and OWI means operating while intoxicated or impaired. Other areas of Missouri refer to the crime as a BAC (Blood Alcohol Content) violation. Regardless of the name, it is illegal to driver in Missouri if you have a blood-alcohol content of 0.08% or higher. An intoxication offense committed for the first time in Missouri is a class B misdemeanor. All second offences for driving under the influence are a class A misdemeanor and subsequent offenses are called class D.

Missouri’s police say there are too many drunk drivers on the road and repeat offenders cannot be stopped by the current system. This is a problem that frustrates police, courts and victims. Almost a third of people who are arrested for driving while intoxicated in Missouri are repeat offenders. Boone County police arrested Leo Robinson for driving while intoxicated. Robinson had fourteen convictions for driving with a revoked license and seven prior convictions for driving while under the influence. Repeat drunk driving continues to be a serious problem in the entire United States.

Drinking and Driving is a Decision

Some drunk drivers have the most ridiculous justification for driving under the influence of alcohol. Drinking and driving are a decision. The National Public Services Research Institute took an in-depth look at the decisions people make to drink and drive. Drinking and driving is a combination of decisions that results into people driving under the influence of alcohol, such as taking part in events, where the drinking will occur and how to get there. The report indicated that many individual decisions led to drunken driving. Celebrations typically create the expectation of overindulgence, and it is difficult for a host to control the guests’ drinking. People also believe they are less drunk than they actually are and usually feel confident they can avoid incidents.

Negative Influences of Celebrities

Many teens think of celebrities as role models. People are often obsessed with the celebrity culture. Celebrities’ behavior and beliefs can have a powerful impact on other people’s lives. Teens are easily infatuated with these icons.

Miami Beach police charged Justin Bieber for driving under the influence of alcohol without a license and also for resisting arrest. Bieber was racing against Def Jam, recording artist Khalil Sharief, under the influence of alcohol without a license. Miami police pulled Bieber’s car over after he raced in a residential area at about 55 miles mph in thirty miles per hour zone. He failed the sobriety field test. The police report stated that the singer had the odor of alcohol on his breath, bloodshot eyes and a flushed face. Attorney Roy Black represented him in the hearing. Bieber was released from a jail in Miami after the judge set a $2,500 bond.The nineteen-year-old Khalil Sharieff was also arrested for drunken driving.

State police arrested Dina Lohan in Long Island on September 12, 2013, for driving 77 miles per hour in 55 mph zone. According to the police, Lohan’s BAC was more than double the legal limit. This incident took place shortly after her daughter was released from a rehab for drug and alcohol abuse.

Avoid Driving Under the Influence of Alcohol

Driving under the influence of alcohol is against the law and dangerous. People drinking and driving will end up in jail sooner or later.

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