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Class Action Lawyer St. Louis. Sometimes, hundreds or even thousands of people can be harmed by a single company. In these cases, it makes no sense to have each individual person fight out their dispute by themselves. Instead, it is going to be better for a court to consider the law and facts surrounding a handful of representatives of the allegedly-harmed group. These people are called the “representatives parties.” Those representative parties will carry on the case and the courts can then apply that ruling to the rest of the group. This is called a “class action” lawsuit.

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When you open a class actions case in St. Louis, it’s crucial to secure legal counsel with experience. Our personal injury and liability lawyers ensure clients have the resources they need to win a settlement. Here are a couple questions to ask St. Louis class actions attorneys:

How much does legal representation cost clients? This depends on the class actions claim and other factors. Dixon use a contingency plan, which means our services are free.

How much could I win? This also depends on the case. Dixon Injury Firm’s St. Louis class actions attorneys try to win clients medical expenses, personal hardship, and other compensation.

What do I do now? The first step is to contact Dixon for more information and consultation.

Basic Requirements for Class Actions – Class Action Lawyer St. Louis

Missouri Courts lay out requirements for class actions that are pretty consistent with what you would find in the rest of the country. Class actions might be allowed when (1) there are so many people in a class that having each one participate in the lawsuit is impracticable, (2) the case has common questions of law and fact for all of the class members, (3) the claims and defenses of the representative parties are typical of the rest of the class, and (4) the representative parties will fairly and adequately protect the interest of the class.

Even if all those prerequisites are met, the court still has to decide if it will “certify” a class action. The court must consider whether separate actions by all of the allegedly-harmed parties would create a risk of inconsistent court decisions or block the opportunity for other parties to move forward with their case. The court can also consider whether questions in common for each of the allegedly-harmed parties predominate over any individual differences.

The court also has to decide if party members will opt out, or opt in. In an opt-in case, the lawyers can only represent people that chooses to be a part of the lawsuit. This is not usually preferred for cases where each individual would receive a very small payout, because it may cost more to sign up people for claims then the claims would be worth. Instead, most lawyers seek an opt-out class where anyone in the class is automatically part of the lawsuit unless they take a specific action to opt out.

Examples of Class Actions – St. Louis Class Action Attorney

If you look in the news you can always see examples of ongoing class action lawsuits in Missouri. For example, in 2017 a group of farmers sued Monsanto for allegedly selling herbicide that they should have known would drift and cause damage to surrounding farms. A group of consumers also sued a number of companies in the milk industry for allegedly killing off dairy cows as part of a scheme to keep milk prices up. The milk producers said that the kill off was simply to allow some producers to sell their farms. That case was eventually settled, and in a recent update the lawyers pursuing the case said they expect to make payouts of $6.79 to each person that made a valid claim. So that milk case may not have a serious impact on a consumer’s bottom line, but those types of lawsuits are important to preventing corporate misbehavior.

More About Class Actions Lawyers in St. Louis

Christopher R. Dixon and the Dixon Injury Firm focus on class actions cases and other personal and workplace injuries. Recognized by the National Trial Lawyers Association as a Top 100 Trial Lawyer, Chris understands how difficult these cases are for victims. To help alleviate financial stress, Dixon’s trial lawyers make it easier by offering a contingency payment plan. This enables clients to pay only if the case is won. Dixon’s legal counsel is free for St. Louis class actions clients.

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Even if a St. Louis class actions lawsuit has already been filed, you should feel free to contact the Dixon Injury Firm if you are part of an injured class of people. We provide free consultations and can help you decide the best course of action for your case. In some situations, it may make sense to have your own lawyer or even to remove yourself from the class and pursue a case individually. We are available during regular business hours at (314) 409-7060.

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